One of the hardest challenges parents face is balancing active play with screen time.

Apps have been developed that will help parents combine the two. This will entice reluctant children to be physically active yet have fun at the same time.

1. Biba

It combines playground fun with the imagination of the child. The instructions are easy to follow, and the app sends your child on tasks around the park. Your child will run, jump, slide – pretending to be an archeologist on a scavenger hunt, a driver in a car race, or an explorer.

2. Geocaching

Geocaching sends your child on a hunt for treasure with others. Your entire family can join in the fun, searching for the Holy Grail as Indiana Jones or become a family of pirates on the search for buried treasure.

3. Skyview

Your child does not need a Wi-Fi connection to assess this app. It nudges your child into developing a love for astronomy through stargazing. It’s very simple to operate: turn your phone upward and discover the location of the planets at any date and time. The graphics are amazing too!

4. Monkey Scavenger Hunts

This app provides you with endless scavenger hunt ideas! Every location is ideal for a scavenger hunt; your child will just take a photo of the item and tick it off the list.

5. All Trails

Planning hikes can become a family activity with All Trails. It provides you with trails you never knew and fun facts you never knew about the trail.

6. Seek

Learn how to name fauna and flora with Seek. Children are naturally curious and love to learn. This app will let your child take a picture, and it will identify the living organism via recognition technology.

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