Tennis Ball Catch


Tennis balls

This game is best played outside the house.
Play catch using a tennis ball. Start by throwing the ball up in the air by using simple underhand throws two to four meters apart. As your child’s confidence and skill increase, further the distance by one to two meters more. Later on, when your child is able, you can modify the game to using overhand throws.
Benefits: This game helps develops your child’s fine motor control. It also improves hand-eye coordination and tracking ability. These skills will be perfect for sporting activities as well….



a bike (for children)
a biking helmet

Teach your child how to ride a bike. The appropriate age is when your child has just begun elementary school. Ensure to start first with training wheels while walking next to your child, offering your physical support as your child begins to pedal confidently.
Remain vigilant, keeping your eyes in your child. Teach your child the essential lessons on safety and ensure that in each training session that your child is wearing a helmet.
Benefits: Teaching your child how to ride a bike is a great bonding experience. It also …

Balloon Batting

Equipment needed:

Large balloon
Cardboard tube

This game is best played outside, away from valuables, breakables, and other obstacles. However, this can also be played indoors as long as you ensure that there is ample space and breakables and other valuables are kept away so that these will not break or get damaged.
To play the game, inflate the balloon first. Then, show your child how to hit the balloon using the cardboard tube. You can also modify the game using 2 cardboard tubes and take turns bouncing the balloon the same as playing badminton.
Benefits: This game …

Balance Poses

Equipment: none needed
This game can be played either inside the house or outside. Parents can place cushions to prevent serious injury in case of falls.
Show your child different poses. You can begin with standing on your tiptoes with your arms stretched overhead.
You can also try other poses like standing only with one leg and the second leg bent and arms stretched sideways like wings, standing on fours with one leg or one arm in the air. Adjust the pose difficulty to suit your child’s age and ability.
Let your child make his or her poses.
Benefits: This helps develops …

Animal Friends

Equipment: none
Benefits: This game help develops balance, coordination, and imagination among children as they try to imitate animals’ movements and habits
This game can be played outdoors or indoors.
Choose an animal and imitate its movements, and get your child to guess which animal you are imitating. Fly around obstacles like a bird, hop and croak like a frog, hop like a kangaroo, or slither and hiss like a snake.
You can play it like charades, or make suggestions of animals to initiate from your child. This can be a fun activity your family can enjoy with….