Math is fun, especially when played as a game. There are many math games and apps on the internet that your child will learn from and enjoy.

2. Shape Hunt

Everyone loves a fun scavenger hunt! Add a twist by making your children search for certain shapes or items crossing off the ones they have found off a list. Clues can be added and prizes are given for extra motivation! You can implement the learning of shapes and sizes into this game.

3. Measuring Tapes

Children love to use even the items that are considered ordinary as part of a game. With measuring tapes, you can keep them busy with messaging items and by throwing items to see how high they can go and estimating the height. Statistics and estimation can be learned from this game.

4. Rolling Dice

Have your children toss dices and add the numbers they rolled. Write the numbers they roll and keep playing until you reach a 100. They can practice their addition to this game.

5. Playing with time

Choose an action and use a clock to see how much time your child can spend doing the action. Can they keep a balloon bouncing for 5 minutes? Incorporate learning to read the clock in this game.

6. Spruce up the imagination

Have your children create a play they have watched or read using your tablet or phone. Let them create costumes and props and give their imaginations a whirl!

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