This letter is a good example of the letter you could draft to your child’s school, advocating for physical literacy. It is never too early to start! It can be sent to coaches, daycares, schools, clubs, or anyone you know can play a part in the child’s health and fitness.

Dear [insert the name of the school, club, organization, teacher, or coach],

This letter is being written to request that you promote physical literacy and its education at [insert the name of the school, organization, or club]. It is essential to include physical literacy as a part of children’s education because it plays a vital role in their development, health, and fitness. I am very interested to know about the steps our school is taking to make sure our children stay healthy and physically literate.

It has been identified that physical literacy in sports, cognitive sciences, and physical education is the main ingredient in children’s development into happy, healthy, and successful adults in the future. Physical literacy provides a solid foundation for teaching children to enjoy physical activities and sports. There are far-reaching implications that physical literacy further enhances brain development, wellbeing, and scholastic performance.

The recipe for physical literacy is unstructured and structured play opportunities and intentional instructions combined. Skills such as skipping, jumping, hopping, catching, throwing, and more are fundamental for every child.

I am aware that [name of school, club, organization, teacher, or coach] provides physical education programs. I would like to know if the physical education curriculum addresses movement skills and physical literacy specifically.

Research-based shows that developing children’s physical literacy from a young age is most helpful, especially before they reach adolescent age.

I would love to hear your views concerning this topic, and I look forward to it.

Yours sincerely,

[Your name and signature]