Fun Vocabulary Review Games for Kids

Vocabulary development is crucial for children’s language and literacy skills. Building a strong vocabulary not only enhances their ability to communicate effectively but also improves reading comprehension and writing skills. However, learning new words can sometimes feel like a daunting task for kids. That’s where vocabulary review games come in. These engaging and educational activities provide a fun and interactive way for children to reinforce their understanding of words they’ve learned while also expanding their vocabulary repertoire. Let&#…

A Parent’s Guide to Understanding the Facts Between Vaping and Health

When it comes to understanding the relationship between vaping and health, especially from a parent’s perspective, it’s essential to dive into the facts and clear up common misconceptions. To navigate this landscape responsibly, educating oneself on the subject is paramount.
This guide aims to provide insights about vaping and what parents should know about it. Explore the world of vaping and shop now from reputable sources.
Vaping Devices: What Are They?
First, let’s define what we’re talking about. …

CBD for Children – Yes or No?

People from all over the world are constantly in search of ways to alleviate their ailments. Throughout the years, more and more people have come to view cannabidiol (CBD) as one of these ways,even parents have started to look into CBD in the hopes of medicating any health-related problems their kids might encounter.
A poll conducted by C.S. Mott Children’s Hospital in 2021 showed that 3 in 4 parents believe that CBD may be a good alternative for children if other medications prove ineffective.
Cannabidiol, widely used for delta 10 gummies, is a …

How to Set Your Child up for Future Success in School

Every parent wants to see their kid succeed in school and eventually find triumph later in life. Thankfully, parents can help their children achieve success in school by nurturing their talents and providing them with everything that they need to succeed. Indeed, even things as simple as helping your kids develop healthy habits will improve all aspects of their lives as well as their academic performance. In this post, we’ve listed down more tips on how to set your child up for future success in school.
Tips to …

Tips on How to Improve your Children’s Education

It is the dream of every parent to see their children excel in education. Here are some examples:
Control TV Viewing
Too much TV watching is associated with a drop in academic performance. As a parent, you should control the number of hours your children spend watching TV to avoid excessive time watching TV.
It is also essential to control the type of programs your children are watching. Encourage educational programs while avoiding programs that can corrupt their mind.
Develop a Study Schedule
A schedule will guide your children in their studies. Ensure that your children attend school every day and …

Tips for Incorporating Physical Education on a Daily Basis

Physical education is taught as a school course and aims at physical fitness development. Students should receive this daily, and it should be of high quality. Standard guidelines used nationally should be applied in every school for maximum benefit. Stem Education Online will also encourage such a strategy.
Physical education’s key benefits include improving students’ behaviour in the classroom and attaining physical fitness, which is essential for healthy living.
Tips for Incorporating Physical Education into a School System
Check and ensure your School has met the standard mandates of physical …

Should Pediatricians Prescribe Physical Activity?

It has long been medically proven that physical activity every day contributes significantly to how healthy a child is. It reduces child obesity, prediabetes, fatty liver disease, and alleviates ADHD, anxiety, and depression.
Despite parents knowing this, most children fall short of the recommended hours of physical activity. One main factor is that children do not know how to be active. They don’t enjoy it.
The association of pediatricians in the United States of America (AAP) recommends that pediatricians include assessments of physical literacy and counseling as part of general practice. They even recommended writing …

Fun Activities to Keep Your Children Busy at Home

Math is fun, especially when played as a game. There are many math games and apps on the internet that your child will learn from and enjoy.
2. Shape Hunt
Everyone loves a fun scavenger hunt! Add a twist by making your children search for certain shapes or items crossing off the ones they have found off a list. Clues can be added and prizes are given for extra motivation! You can implement the learning of shapes and sizes into this game.
3. Measuring Tapes
Children love to use even the items that are considered ordinary as part of a game. With measuring tapes, you can keep them busy with …

Tennis Ball Catch


Tennis balls

This game is best played outside the house.
Play catch using a tennis ball. Start by throwing the ball up in the air by using simple underhand throws two to four meters apart. As your child’s confidence and skill increase, further the distance by one to two meters more. Later on, when your child is able, you can modify the game to using overhand throws.
Benefits: This game helps develops your child’s fine motor control. It also improves hand-eye coordination and tracking ability. These skills will be perfect for sporting activities as well….



a bike (for children)
a biking helmet

Teach your child how to ride a bike. The appropriate age is when your child has just begun elementary school. Ensure to start first with training wheels while walking next to your child, offering your physical support as your child begins to pedal confidently.
Remain vigilant, keeping your eyes in your child. Teach your child the essential lessons on safety and ensure that in each training session that your child is wearing a helmet.
Benefits: Teaching your child how to ride a bike is a great bonding experience. It also …