Active After School was created in 2010. It was made to inspire children to be more interested in participating in sports and be more active. Research made by B2ten revealed that Canadian children have a decreased interest in sports and physical activity. This sedentary behavior is causing Canadian children to be ill too often. B2ten made its primary priority fighting the trend of sedentary living, inactivity, and a rise in sickness. Active After School was made, a team was formed, and solutions were generated.

We reached out to parents and experts. The experts advised us to change the narrative by utilizing the power of physical literacy. Parents informed us that although they knew about the alarming statistics and its horrendous impact on their children’s health, it was all too overwhelming.

We concluded:

  1. Our solution to helping children become healthy and happy is physical literacy
  2. Parents need to be given practical solutions, directions, education, and inspiration
  3. Parents are responsible for the activities of their children, which ultimately enforces life-long habits

Our conclusions were right, and soon, physical literacy was a well-known term.