Animal Friends

Equipment: none
Benefits: This game help develops balance, coordination, and imagination among children as they try to imitate animals’ movements and habits
This game can be played outdoors or indoors.
Choose an animal and imitate its movements, and get your child to guess which animal you are imitating. Fly around obstacles like a bird, hop and croak like a frog, hop like a kangaroo, or slither and hiss like a snake.
You can play it like charades, or make suggestions of animals to initiate from your child. This can be a fun activity your family can enjoy with….

Six Fun Games Children Can Play Using Socks

Let’s face it: no matter how involved you want to be in your children’s lives, you will not always have the luxury of time to be able to play with them. But, this doesn’t hinder them from doing a physical fun game at the comforts of your home.
Here is a brief list of safe and fun activities your children can play with socks while staying inside, even when you’re too busy to join in the fun.
1. Soccer with socks
It can be played with one child or more and furniture can be arranged to create goalposts.
2. Basketball with socks
Shooting into laundry hampers, cardboard boxes, and household …

Six Apps That Will Get Your Child to Be More Active

One of the hardest challenges parents face is balancing active play with screen time.
Apps have been developed that will help parents combine the two. This will entice reluctant children to be physically active yet have fun at the same time.
1. Biba
It combines playground fun with the imagination of the child. The instructions are easy to follow, and the app sends your child on tasks around the park. Your child will run, jump, slide – pretending to be an archeologist on a scavenger hunt, a driver in a car race, or an explorer.
2. Geocaching
Geocaching sends your child on a hunt for treasure with …